Hold Yourself Accountable

After moving to NYC without a job, I dove in head first to pretty much any book that even slightly piqued my interest. From WWII historical fiction such as Beneath the Scarlet Sky, to Jenny Lawson’s memoir, Furiously Happy, to a book about understanding/parenting children with behavioral issues, The Explosive Child, you couldn’t keep me from trying to polish off a book a day.

Now that I’m working, it’s becoming increasingly harder to fit time in to read. My issue with this is that I’m not making it happen. I have a couple of hours after work before Michael gets home that I could use to read, but I find myself just laying on the couch with the kitten doing absolutely nothing.  Lately, every book I try to read I can’t get into. I read a few pages or chapters and can’t seem to have the motivation to push through the rest of the book. I seem to be in a slump.

I need to get back into my bullet journal. It provides more structure and holds me to a routine. I use it to track habits and goals. I need to hold myself accountable for personal goals (i.e. reading, exercise, etc.). I’ve found in the past that writing things down seems to help with this. I enjoy these things when I do them, I just need to push myself through the starting line.

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