I Believe Her, Because I Am Her

It’s hard to understand the outrage people have over women coming out against their aggressors. We do not share our stories for us. We do not share our stories to bring up all of those memories flood back to us. We share our stories in hopes that it will open everyone else’s eyes to the reality we have been living in for centuries. It’s hard to grasp the idea that women are questioned when they finally have the courage to tell their stories. We do not tell our stories for us.

Dr. Ford has faced such hatred for coming out against Brett Kavanaugh. You really think someone would bring that much attention to their life if they were making it up? No. Her life will never be the same. It was already eternally altered by her experience with him those 30+ years ago. You really think she wants to testify and bring back the memory? No, but as a victim, she knows she does not want anyone else to experience this. The individuals appointed to the highest court in the United States should have high morals standards.

The outrage is that women are shaking it up. The outrage is that survivors of sexual assault survived and are speaking up. The outrage is because women have a voice, and we are using it.

It’s happened before, we are just trying to stop it from happening again. I believe her, because I am her. I believe survivors, because I am one. No, I did not survive fighting on the front lines, or a terrorist attack. I did not survive through a violent attack, but I survive in the way in which someone survives a sexual assault. Every day, moving forward, and pushing those memories to the back of my mind.

#IBelieveHer #IBelieveSurvivors #YesWeSurvive

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