Today made my stomach turn in a way it hasn’t turned since November 2016.

Following the Kavanaugh hearings today was frustrating to say the least. I have very little confidence that he will not be confirmed tomorrow. The fact that he admitted he didn’t even watch Ford’s testimony is disgraceful. The fact that Ford had to testify today is saddening. She said that what she remembers most is his laughter, uproarious laughter. As a sexual assault victim, I immediately thought of the things I remember. The parts that stick out so clearly to me. The parts that make me want to vomit when they flash into my memory. She has a doctorate in psychology and I’m sure she very much so understands why she remembers their laughs so clearly. That doesn’t make it easier.

Why can’t anyone see that the bigger issue here is not whether or not he did it, really; it’s about the fact that, by confirming Kavanaugh, we are saying that someone who most likely has sexually assaulted 1+ women is deemed fit for office. This isn’t about Kavanaugh admitting he stole a candy from the 7-11 when he was 10. This isn’t an accusation that he got a C in middle school math. By confirming Kavanaugh, we are saying that it’s okay to sexually assault someone and then occupy a seat on the court that is has the ultimate say on laws in the land we call home. It’s okay that appointing that person to the Supreme Court, to determine how we live, for the remainder of that person’s life.

Women finally have the courage, strength, and power to stand up for themselves and demand a better life, where they feel that they have ownership of themselves. Women finally are standing up for themselves, but our government is infiltrated by pigs. Men with low moral standards, who go against everything women are currently fighting for. Men who think that it’s acceptable to sexually assault women because they think so little of women that they think they are entitled to do whatever they want to whoever they want. I don’t want to live in that society. The society being governed by people who have no actual interest in the individuals they govern and are only concerned with fulfilling their own needs, that is not my country. I don’t know about you, but I think we need some serious change, because I damn sure will not let some jackass determine my value and place in this world.

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