Hold Yourself Accountable

After moving to NYC without a job, I dove in head first to pretty much any book that even slightly piqued my interest. From WWII historical fiction such as Beneath the Scarlet Sky, to Jenny Lawson’s memoir, Furiously Happy, to a book about understanding/parenting children with behavioral issues, The Explosive Child, you couldn’t keep me from trying to polish off a book a day.

Now that I’m working, it’s becoming increasingly harder to fit time in to read. My issue with this is that I’m not making it happen. I have a couple of hours after work before Michael gets home that I could use to read, but I find myself just laying on the couch with the kitten doing absolutely nothing.  Lately, every book I try to read I can’t get into. I read a few pages or chapters and can’t seem to have the motivation to push through the rest of the book. I seem to be in a slump.

I need to get back into my bullet journal. It provides more structure and holds me to a routine. I use it to track habits and goals. I need to hold myself accountable for personal goals (i.e. reading, exercise, etc.). I’ve found in the past that writing things down seems to help with this. I enjoy these things when I do them, I just need to push myself through the starting line.

Starting Fresh

It was a little over a year ago that I put in my notice at work, but it wasn’t a two-week notice. It was a 4-5 month notice. I had made the decision. Taken the plunge. It was official – I was moving from Gainesville, Florida to New York City.

For those who know me, know that it took me years to commit to moving out of Gainesville – out of my comfort zone. I moved from Miami to Gainesville in 2007 for college, and then never left. No, I wasn’t a career student. I graduated in 2011 and started working for UFHealth/Shands with the intention of working for a year and going back to school. Let’s just say, that didn’t exactly happen. Six years later, I was leaving my work family with no known plan. I had no job lined up. I had no job prospects at this point – I had a Bachelor’s, two graduate certificates (Medical Anatomy & Public Health w/ a concentration in Epidemiology), and 6 years of experience, and I couldn’t get a call for an interview.

May 31st, 2017 came quicker than expected. I moved out of my apartment in Gainesville to Miami to watch my parents for a few weeks before I was off to New York mid-June. Still no bites on jobs. I applied to everything that piqued my interest, and some that didn’t, but I was desperate.

June 15th came around and I flew to NYC. There I was walking up to baggage claim at LaGuardia when I spotted him. Michael surprised me and met me at the airport to welcome me to the city and help me with my things. Thank God, because I had way too much stuff to handle alone.

I unpacked my belongings into our studio apartment, but it didn’t quite feel like home.  I was happy to finally no longer be in a long-distance relationship, but at the same time, I felt a little lost. My kitty, Percy, was still in Miami with my parents and I wouldn’t get to go home to get him until August. I was jobless. The friends I had in the city had all settled into their own routines and lives and I wasn’t part of it. I spent each day looking for jobs, wandering around our neighborhood, and spending a lot of time reading at various parks.

I had spent the last 6 years pouring everything I had into working. Not having a job for ~5-6 months left me feeling empty and without a purpose. It wasn’t until the beginning of October that I got a call for an interview for the job I now have.

It has been 7.5 months since I moved and so much has happened. Looking forward to the new opportunities, new friends, new places, and new adventures.